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Appliance Repair Tips If You're Looking For Service

Find the following details to speed appliance sales in my area up the repair. At Ourr Home & Appliances, we are always working to be as effective as possible to repair your equipment during a single tour. We have made this a priority during this worldwide pandemic. Limiting the number of trips per repair not only decreases time and resources for an additional service journey – it also restricts our engineers to potential COVID-19 exposures through their frequent use of fewer homes and growing demand.


We depend on our customers before the service to help us achieve this aim so that we can arrive ready! Such information includes the product manufacturer, model, serial number and a description of the problem. From here our technicians come to your home with an idea of what your appliance may be wrong and some replacement parts from our stock (we are the largest supplier of equipment in London Ontario)!

Appliance Repair Help

Giving us the correct details beforehand helps us to provide more efficient service for your device:

What is your appliance 's name, model number and serial number that needs to be maintained or repaired? (Do you need help locating the serial number of your appliance? Here is a guide for locating it).

What was the machine 's purchase date and from where did you buy it?

Will you have a guarantee or payment for your machine?

May you offer a detailed overview of the diagnostic problem?

What days are you able to schedule your service?

Make sure your appliance is easily available and needs repair

Cleaning your device will facilitate and speed up the work of your technician. Remove from the room or area around your device anything or anyone (small children, pets included). This gives the technician work space and prevents safety hazards for children and animals.

Before your technician arrives, avoid using your device

Continue to use any equipment that requires service at least three hours before arrival of your device repair technician. The technician may be unable to do his job if your stove or oven is too hot. Be sure that our technician can carry out diagnostics with it connected to the gas line.